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Sam Patierno
Strength and Fitness
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Experience That Matters

"Sam is an extremely likable person and he immediately shows you that he is interested in you. He focused on my goals and needs from the start and was anxious to develop a training plan genuinely tailored to my situation...."
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"When my mother first suggested Sam to me as a trainer, I was a small, asthmatic, high school freshman with a case of scoliosis to boot. Looking back as I enter my senior year, Sam has built me a comprehensive training routine to account for my asthma and back problems as well as meet my lifting goals...
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Sam's Column

Sam discusses recovery from training:

"You must work and train hard, but you must also plan recovery sessions to reduce the risk of injuries, and reduce the risk of over training and "burn out". A proper trainer will provide recovery sessions and guide you through the recovery phases. Your recovery sessions should take place the next day."

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